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        In building construction, China State Construction Overseas Development Corp. (in short: China State Construction Overseas), positioning itself at high-end market, persists in the marketing strategies of “reputable clients, reliable markets and remarkable projects” and “compete at low cost and manage with high quality”. Through constant taping of its own potentials, strict control of production cost and work quality, and seeking of customers’ satisfaction, the company provides its clients around the world with quality works, perfect services at international standard. China State Construction Overseas has completed a large number of classic projects including public works, offices, airports, hotels, education works, sports facilities, housing, hospitals, embassies, national defense and military projects, etc.

        China State Construction Corp. is the largest housing construction Contractor in the world and the largest Contractor of building works in China. The company undertakes a series of key projects with super high-rise level, huge volume, complex structure and leading technology, including Shanghai World Financial Center known as ‘China’s tallest building’, new site of CCTV named the ‘architectural marvel’ by Time Magazine, National Aquatics Center(also known as Water Cube) as one of Beijing Olympic stadiums. Particularly having outstanding advantages in super high-rise building construction, more than 90% of super high-rise (over 400m) building projects under construction or completed are located in China, and among which 80% are constructed by China State Construction. Taking strict quality control, technical management and Sci-tech progress as its core competence, and providing comprehensive technical support for the company’s sustainable development, China State Construction has been awarded 60 State science and technology awards, 174 Luban Prizes, 45 Tien-Yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prizes, 141 National Grade Normalized Construction Methods, and 4396 Authorized Patents (including 333 patents of invention). Other achievements made are such as compiling 57 national and industrial standards, organizing the examination and acceptance of 64 demonstration projects for technical promotion, and undertaking 108 national scientific research programs.

        China State Construction Overseas Development Co. Ltd. (in short: China State Construction Overseas) is subordinated to China State Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. (CSCEC), a Fortune Global 500 Company, as its worldwide subsidiary.

        No. 899,
        Gaoke West Road,
        Pudong District,
        Shanghai, China
        Fax: +86-21-60576760

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