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        Business & Services

        With the top grade qualification in highway engineering, municipal utilities engineering, and the professional qualification in port construction, waterway engineering, rail transit etc., of its parent company China State Construction Engineering Corp. , China State Construction Overseas Development Co. undertakes and implements various types of infrastructure projects through investment, financing and main contracting. Its business covers all infrastructure industries including airport, municipal public facilities, highway, railway, port and waterway engineering, etc.

        Depending on its strength and advantages in capital, technology, talents and project management, the corporation provides investment and financing, main contracting management, materials & equipment procurement, main body construction, specialty subcontracting and labor management services to the Clients. It successfully implemented a number of large-scale infrastructure projects and obtained impressive achievements in the area of airports, highways, railways, municipal, etc.

        As one of the earliest corporation expanding into overseas market, and the largest leading international contractor in the world, China State Construction has invested and undertook a great number of infrastructure projects with international influence in many countries and regions, which includes Alexander Hamilton Bridge of USA, Chiffa-Boughzoul Expressway of Algeria, Congo (Brazzaville) No.1 National Highway, RAMA VIII Bridge of Thailand, Mozambique N6 Highway, Mauritius New Airport, Boumediene International Airport of Algeria, New York Yankees Stadium Station, Doraleh Multi-purpose Port (phaseⅠ) in Djibouti, and etc.

        Domestically, the corporation has carried out a great number of national and regional key projects, which includes Passenger-dedicated Line of Harbin-Dalian Railway, the first rail in alpine region; Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, the largest investment project since the foundation of P.R.C,; and Nanjing South Railway Station, the largest high-speed railway station in Asia; Tianjin Binhai International Airport T2; Subway Line No.9 in Shenzhen; and Subway Lines in other 15 cities like Beijing, Shenyang, Nanjing, etc.; Land Reclamation of Penny's Bay Phase Ⅰ& Ⅱ(Disney) in Hong Kong, etc.

        China State Construction Overseas Development Co. Ltd. (in short: China State Construction Overseas) is subordinated to China State Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. (CSCEC), a Fortune Global 500 Company, as its worldwide subsidiary.

        No. 899,
        Gaoke West Road,
        Pudong District,
        Shanghai, China
        Fax: +86-21-60576760

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