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        Industrial Projects

        China State Construction Overseas Development Co., LTD. inherits the qualification system of China State Construction including national First Grade General Contractor (GC) for electric power engineering projects, petrochemical projects, and MEP installation projects; First Grade GC for petrochemical equipment & pipe installation works, MEP equipment installation, steel structure works, and pipeline projects etc.; Class A design license for chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical fields. The corporate has the capability to undertake design and construction of large chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical projects both domestic and overseas, and construction of industrial projects as electronics, electricity, building materials, metallurgy, light industry and machinery manufacturing, municipal public engineering projects and national defense projects.

        In recent years, the company actively and constantly explore the industrial field, and made remarkable achievements by contracting many domestic and overseas industrial projects in petrochemicals, pipelines, power infrastructure, industrial plants and aerospace fields. The company successfully built a large number of landmark projects, including COMAC Large Aircraft Assembly Plant in Shanghai, Beijing Mercedes-Benz Plant Expansion Project, Brilliance BMW New Factory in Shenyang, GM design and technology R&D Center in Shanghai, Huawei Plant in the South, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Wenchang Satellite Launch Center in Hainan, West-east Gas Pipeline Project, Sino-Russian Moda Oil Pipeline, Satellite earth station in Laos, The Polystyrene Project with Annual Productivity of 400,000 Tons from Tianjin Ren Tai Chemical Industries Co., Ltd., Aromatics Complex Plant with Annual Productivity of 200,000 Tons from Shandong Dongchen Holding Group Co., Ltd. etc.


        China State Construction Overseas Development Co. Ltd. (in short: China State Construction Overseas) is subordinated to China State Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. (CSCEC), a Fortune Global 500 Company, as its worldwide subsidiary.

        No. 899,
        Gaoke West Road,
        Pudong District,
        Shanghai, China
        Fax: +86-21-60576760

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