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        About Us
        Social Responsibility

        CSCEC not only expands its business around the world, but also fulfills its social responsibility in the countries and regions where project has developed. Our company consciously incorporates corporate social responsibility into the company strategy, corporate culture and production & operation activities to build a harmonious company.

        Regarding the performance of localization responsibility as a noble cause and sacred mission all the time, the company actively integrates into local community and local people to promote local economic and social development, which wins the respect and recognition from local government and local people.


        Actively participation in local public welfare

        CSCEC actively participates in local public welfare, including the investment of money, mechanical equipment and manpower to make contribution to improve the well-being of the local communities except the construction project.

        In 2012, CSCEC (Mauritius Branch) together with the Red Cross Society of Mauritius donated medical aid funds of Rs 1,000,000 (about RMB 200,000) for children with leukemia. In 2013, the branch donated Rs 1,800,000 (about RMB 360,000) to 9 charity organizations recognized by local government. These actions earned high praise from the Red Cross Society of Mauritius and charity organizations, obtained sincere thanks from the families of sick children, and were widely reported by local media.

        During the construction of Congo (Brazzaville) Stadium Project, the project management office provided any helps they could for local people. For example, repaired the pavements damaged by heavy rains for surroundings people; treated the local staff, especially free treatment for all colds and minor injuries; provided vehicles for local police, the gendarmerie and government departments, and provided cement to patch the leaky houses for free; donated FCFA, clothes and quilt for local workers suffered from floods; rebuilt the office premises for the police station and the gendarmerie of Congo-Brazzaville for free; helped local people to level the land with bulldozers; established “medical fund” for the Sino-Congolese Friendship Hospital. And due to the difficulty of living water, the project management office established a dedicated water access for local people in camp area and office area.

        Providing job opportunities for local employees

        According to incomplete statistics, more than 3,500 local people have been employed by Congo (Brazzaville) Stadium Project, and about 4,300 local people have been employed by Congo National Highway Project since 2007. Through standard project management and a series of rules and regulations, the projects undertaken by our company not only improve the local workers’ earnings and living standards, but also teach them occupational skills which allow them to be more competitive in job opportunities.


        Establishing Career Development Center, training local people and offering job opportunities

        During construction of Libya Benghazi 20,000 housing project, CSCEC actively integrated into the local development, established a ‘Zhongli Career Development Center’ jointly with Labor Department of Libyan government to train local people and teach them occupational skills. After three months of centralized trainings and passing the final examination, the qualified trainees were awarded training-completion certificate by CSCEC and Labor Bureau of Libya, and signed employment contract with CSCEC (Libya branch) to work for local projects undertaken by CSCEC (Libya branch).

        Caring for life of local employees, building folk restaurant in consideration of local customs  

        During construction of African Union Conference Center Project in Ethiopia, CSCEC have employed more than 800 local people to work for this project.

        The project management office treated all local workers equally without discrimination and care about their life. Most of local workers lived far from the construction site and they could not afford the lunch in the nearby restaurants, so they chose keep hungry until backing to their own homes. In view of this situation, CSCEC built a folk restaurant with Ethiopian taste next to the canteen in the construction site. The project management office empowered the local person to operate this restaurant with free charge of water and electricity in order to reduce the operational costs and allow the local workers to eat affordable and delicious meals. Our company earned high praises of the local people for this act of kindness.

        Our company always encouraged the employees to adhere to the behavior culture on opening, equality, tolerance and trust, contribute to build a diverse and sincere working environment.

        Fully respecting on diverse religions and cultures of employees

        For local employees, our company adopted humanized management systems combining with their customs and religious faiths to ensure that they have same rights with Chinese employees. We also create good and harmonious working environment and enrich their cultural life that can fully inspire their enthusiasm and creativity. During Ramadan, we arranged a prayer room for Muslim employees, so that they could fast while working.

        Protection on natural resources and environment

        Our company always believe that the natural resources are scarce, the company development and social progress face severe challenges on resources shortage and environment deterioration; strength the resources saving and environmental protection are essential for realizing durable development of companies and society, promoting harmonious development between human and nature. For this purpose, we should focus on application of green construction technology, green construction equipment and new materials in the course of construction.

        CSCEC always minimize the influence and deterioration on nature during construction. For example, Kazakhstan contaminated soil treatment project was a ‘popularity-winning’ project which benefit the local people, we executed the construction works in strict accordance with regulations and specifications to avoid secondary pollution. For construction of five-star hotel in Bahrain, we made bio-safety treatment for all kinds of domestic garbage. During construction of Mauritius International Airport project, we made garbage classification and assign specialized company to clear the garbage and transport it to the designated place for disposal; we also arranged oil separators in vehicle maintenance shop to centrally store the waste oil in order to avoid oil infiltration into underground or oil contamination into sewage pipeline.

        Libya evacuation shows international corporate image with responsibility and strength

        Libya's political turmoil in early 2011 was influenced by Tunisia and Egypt's "Arab spring" uprisings, massive protests began in Benghazi, the security situation plummet, life safety of the companies’ employees in Libya were seriously threatened.

        On February 23, 2011, according to the unified deployment of Chinese Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Commerce, CSCEC (Libyan branch) began to organize personnel to evacuate. This is the largest overseas evacuation since new China was founded, a total of 35,860 persons willing to go back home were evacuated from Libya, including 9,271 employees of CSCEC Libya branch. Besides, CSCEC helped 723 Bangladeshi, 223 Vietnamese and 1 Hong Kong compatriot evacuate safely, meanwhile, CSCEC also organized evacuation of more than 3,700 persons from other Chinese companies, including China Communications Group Co., Ltd, China Hydropower Group Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Hua Feng Group Co., Ltd, Shenzhen HUAWEI Group Co., Ltd., San Yuan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.

        During the unrest, CSCEC overcame various difficulties to make all foreign workers evacuate from Libya. After arriving at Crete, Bangladeshi and Vietnamese can only temporarily stay on the island because they are not allowed to take the charter flights dispatched by the Chinese Government. CSCEC developed international humanitarian spirit and contacted commercial flights to help totally 701 Bangladeshi workers and 233 Vietnamese workers return home. Both Bangladesh and Vietnam ambassador in Greece praised CSCEC is a responsible internationalization company, and expressed gratitude on behalf of their governments.

        At the critical moment before evacuation and in extremely difficult circumstances, CSCEC still stuck to the principle of honest and abide by the contract, regardless of the war risk, made payment of the salary and goods for local staff and suppliers. After returning to China, CSCEC arranged special person to welcome the staff to come back and let them meet their family as soon as possible. CSCEC, considering the payment of workers’ wages as the first priority, made full payment to more than 8,000 workers in the first time, which is up to more than 400 million RMB at a time.

        Chinese embassy in Libya gave high evaluation about CSCEC’s evacuation work in the Letter of Thanks: During the evacuation, all staff in your company clung together and spared no pains, invested a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, went all out to assist our embassy to help compatriot to evacuate from Libya. In the extremely critical situation and embassy personnel cannot go to Benghazi, your general manager Mr. Zhang Zuohe took the responsibility without hesitation to coordinate and organize the evacuation work of a total of 14,000 people from all Chinese companies in the eastern Libya. All your staff worked overtime day and night, overcame difficulties of the poor communications, traffic inconvenience, unclear outside situation, paralyzed local government, and successfully arranged the evacuation ships to enter the port and departure formalities of all staff. You made use of all the favorable conditions to organize thousands of people to evacuate by land towards the border near Egypt, all of which made great contribution for winning this evacuation concerned by all Chinese people. Your company firstly evacuated persons from brother companies and provided assistance for them, this spirit of put others before oneself moved us deeply.

        China State Construction Overseas Development Co. Ltd. (in short: China State Construction Overseas) is subordinated to China State Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. (CSCEC), a Fortune Global 500 Company, as its worldwide subsidiary.

        No. 899,
        Gaoke West Road,
        Pudong District,
        Shanghai, China
        Fax: +86-21-60576760

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