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        China State Construction Overseas Development Co. Ltd. (in short: China State Construction Overseas) is subordinated to China State Construction Engineering Corp. Ltd. (CSCEC), the world’s largest investment and construction group. China State Construction Overseas is co-initiated by CSCEC and China State Construction Eighth Engineering Division, and by inheriting and utilizing the advantaged resources of overseas operations of CSCEC, which makes it core power and sub-brand in undertaking overseas business of CSCEC.

        China State Construction Overseas takes international engineering main contracting as core business, and is experienced in international main-contracting management.. our business covers various construction fields, including house building, infrastructure, industrial installation, design and surveying etc., and has developed series of projects in airport,  super high-rise building, hotel and resort, residence, commercial complex, sports facilities, conference and convention center, industrial plants, medical facilities, road and bridge, port, dam, petrochemical, power plants and etc.. Our scope of business reaches throughout more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, Middle-east  gulf, Europe,  and America. 

        With strong multinational procurement ability and international resources integration capability, China State Construction Overseas has developed a long-term stable international strategic cooperation with partners worldwide,  Supported by the parent company, we can provide full package of services in design and survey, investment and development, financing support, construction and O&M etc. Besides traditional main contracting services, we not only positively undertake financing-driven contracting, BOT, PPP and other businesses, but also enthusiastically participate in China's foreign economic assistance project. 

        China State Construction Overseas inherited the excellent overseas project management experiences and company culture of CSCEC,  having a high efficient management team, famous for contracting projects featured with “high, huge, excellence, top, innovation”, and has constructed numerous landmark buildings in many countries and regions, including Sheraton Hotel in Algeria, the biggest African Aid Project—African Union Conference Center, The World's Eight Wonders— Dubai Palm Jumeirah, the tallest building undertaken by Chinese contractor overseas—Signature Tower in Kuala Lumpur, National Road No.1 in the Republic of Congo, SSR International Airport in Mauritius, Port Doralehin in Djibouti, the New Capital Central Business District Project in Egypt.

        We keep our mission of quality in mind to provide customers with excellent projects and quality services. "Quality assurance and value creation" lies in the core of our corporate philosophy. We continue to upgrade our capacity of supplying whole industry chain and full lifecycle services, respond to customers concerns promptly and meet their needs wholeheartedly. We show the high quality of "Constructed by China" in the modern times and develop the renowned brand of CSCEC with our excellent products.

        We keep our mission of people-oriented in mind to provide employees with room to grow. We actively train local employees and international management staffs. By opening important management positions, we keep improving the level of local mangers and support the local country's development of construction industry, promoting the upgrading of construction processing industry.

        We keep our mission of environmental protection in mind to foster a green world. We earnestly follow the idea of green development, maintain the balance between buildings and the environment, and continuously explore new technologies and new modes of production to make the process of building and building industrialization greener. In addition, we are committed to exploring the green industry chain system.

        We keep our mission of win-win cooperation in mind to contribute “China’s plan” and “Chinese Wisdom”. We put forward effective solutions to the planning, designing, financing and management of projects according to the development need of host countries. We also spread the concept of "Expanding a happy living environment" to every project along the Belt and Road. We create lots of jobs in local, which improves the happiness of community and the public and promote the understanding among peoples in countries along the Belt and Road.

        We keep our mission of improving people's livelihood in mind to benefit the society. We comply with modern business ethics, local laws and regulations, and industry standards. We optimize our unified management system according to local laws and regulations and business feature to show maximum localized factors and international characteristics in terms of systems and processes. We make plans to understand local people's expectations and promote social public welfare projects in fields like education, medical care, infrastructure improvement and fighting against natural disasters. We are praised by local governments and people, and CSCEC is also greatly supported by local people.

        China State Construction Overseas Development Co. Ltd. (in short: China State Construction Overseas) is subordinated to China State Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. (CSCEC), a Fortune Global 500 Company, as its worldwide subsidiary.

        No. 899,
        Gaoke West Road,
        Pudong District,
        Shanghai, China
        Fax: +86-21-60576760

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